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Math Programming

Here are some experiments I've made in using the computer to enhance math understanding.  Or to give me some programming practice.  Or both.  Or whatever.

Simplex problems

This is an experiment in using Javascript to illustrate the simplex method.  So far I've only handled the standard maximum without anomalies.  Click here to check it out.



I'm experimenting with GeoGebra - an open-source tool from GeoGebra.org - as a tool for visualizing mathematics.  Results so far are limited, but I'll post as they arise.

  • IntegerAddition - uses vectors to visualize addition of positive and negative values.
  • NormalDistribution - find probabilities for regions of a normal distribution.
  • ThreeCircles - demonstrates drawing three mutually tangent circles centered at the vertices of any triangle.



Math Matching Game

I've been experimenting with Javascript generation of problems rendered in MathML.  Here are a couple of pages to try.

The idea is the same for each type of problem - turn the cells green by clicking pairs of cells which are equivalent.
Things to note:

  • These pages are "proof-of-concept" attempts, not commercial products.  Much could be improved and/or added.  Hopefully some will.
  • This is expected to render correctly on Firefox, but probably not on other browsers.
  • Firefox is supporting "presentation markup".  I don't know about "content markup".
  • There are some quirks in generating MathML with Javascript, especially when creating "entities".
  • Yes, I know I'm generating some ill-formed MathML - fighting Javascript and the browser are my current excuses.

Suggestions of comments?  Zap me an email (w e b m a s t e r @ p r a i r i e m a t h . c o m).  Input is appreciated, but it's not my day job, so you may not hear back.