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Music for Men's Chorus

To The Ladies (2011)

Three songs for men's chorus dedicated, well, to the ladies.  Debuted by the SMSU Men's Glee Club in April, 2011.

  • No Platonic Love, William Cartwright (1611-1643).  TBB a cappella, with brief tenor split. (JWP)
    Cartwright basically pokes fun at lovers who claim to have passed beyond interests of the flesh to enjoy a purely spiritual connection.  The most challenging sing of the set.
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  • Let the Toast Pass, Richard Brinsley Sheridan (1751-1816).  TBB a cappella (JWP) or accompanied (JWP), with brief tenor split.
    From his "School for Scandal".  Think "I went to a bar, and a song broke out."  Lift a pint to the ladies - every one of them.
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  • Jenny Kiss'd Me, Leigh Hunt (1784-1859).  TBB a cappella. (JWP)
    There are several stories of the poem's origin, but "Jenny" is probably Jane, the wife of poet Thomas Carlyle, and the kiss a friendly greeting rather than a romantic encounter.  Hunt celebrates the perfect moment which time cannot steal from him.  A short and simple setting.
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Precious Lord, Take My Hand (2008)

TTBB a cappella.  Debuted by SMSU Men's Glee Club and sung by smaller groups, including an octet at poet Bill Holm's funeral.

Thomas Dorsey - the gospel musician, not the bandleader Tommy Dorsey of the same era - wrote new lyrics and adapted an older hymn-tune while grieving for his wife and newborn child.  He gives voice to the weary, grieving soul: "I am tired, I am weak, I am worn".  But he also echoes the hope of the dying: "At the river I stand,...lead me home".  In this arrangement,  a counter-melody is paired with the traditional melody and text.

This work is available in print only.  The good news is that I miscalculated my costs, so copies are only $1.50.


The Fox (2010)

TTBB a cappella.  Traditional Appalachian song goes west and falls in among surfers.  Much fun, lots of energy.

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The Hunting Song (2008)

Sorry, this work is not available to the public.  Arrangement of music by Tom Lehrer.  TTBB with piano accompaniment.  An outrageous spoof of the overzealous (and under-cautious) hunter.  This version includes nods to Mendelssohn and Woody Woodpecker in the accompaniment.  Debuted by SMSU Men's Glee Club.