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Music for Women's Chorus


A Dutch Lullaby (2014)

A new setting of the poem by Eugene Field (1850-1895).  Also known as "Wynken, Blynken, and Nod".  SSAA, accomp., with soprano solo.  About 4:20. (JWP)

  • View the score - PDF
  • MP3 recording of the premiere by the women of the Southwest Minnesota State University Chorale.
  • Computer-generated MP3


For The Ladies (2011)

A commission from former choir buddy Derrick Tilus blossomed into three pieces for women's choir.

  • Hidden Love, Sara Teasdale (1884-1933).  SSA, accomp., with brief S1 divisi.  About 2:40 in length. (JWP)
    This is the commission piece.  Premiered by the Chippewa Falls High School Varsity Women's Chorus on May 29th, 2013.
    • View the score - PDF
    • YouTube video and MP3 of the premiere performance.
  • A Winter Ride, Amy Lowell (1874-1925).  SSA, accomp.  About 1:40 in length.  (JWP)
    Energetic and full of the joy of life.  See the SATB version in the Mixed Voices listing.
    • View the score - PDF
    • Computer-generated MP3
  • A Ballad of Two Knights, Sara Teasdale (1884-1933), with fal-ral-ral interruption.  SSA, accomp., brief a cappella.  About 2:40 in length. (JWP)
    A fun send-up of men who know exactly what they want in a woman, until they find exactly the women they want.
    • View the score - PDF
    • Computer-generated MP3