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Math Matching Game

I've been experimenting with Javascript generation of problems rendered in MathML.  Here are a couple of pages to try.

The idea is the same for each type of problem - turn the cells green by clicking pairs of cells which are equivalent.
Things to note:

  • These pages are "proof-of-concept" attempts, not commercial products.  Much could be improved and/or added.  Hopefully some will.
  • This is expected to render correctly on Firefox, but probably not on other browsers.
  • Firefox is supporting "presentation markup".  I don't know about "content markup".
  • There are some quirks in generating MathML with Javascript, especially when creating "entities".
  • Yes, I know I'm generating some ill-formed MathML - fighting Javascript and the browser are my current excuses.

Suggestions of comments?  Zap me an email (w e b m a s t e r @ p r a i r i e m a t h . c o m).  Input is appreciated, but it's not my day job, so you may not hear back.